My Favorite Poses

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Welcome to my web page.

As a lover of female bare feet from my younger years, I have always wanted to capture each of my interactions with those bare feet after it has passed. So, I would either take posed or candid pictures of these poses that I would like to see and once the Internet started showing these poses on the Web, I was off to the races. After doing a lot of barefoot Internet surfing for a number of years, I have decided to join the barefoot Internet crowd. As a result, "My Favorite Poses" was born.

This page shows me sharing my candid poses that I did mostly in New York City and in other places, as well as posed barefoot shots by willing models. You will also see some of the poses that I like to see such as bare soles, dirty soles, foot washing and foot wiping on the carpet from a woman with itchy soles.

I invite you to look at these pictures and enjoy the content. Since this is a new entry for me on the Internet, this page will be evolving and adding new things as time goes on.

MFP of My Favorite Poses.

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